Airport Madness: Time Machine

You are an air traffic controller at a small grass airfield in 1925. Watch the airport develop over time, into a major international airport in 1970.


You are a training air traffic controller at a small airport, present day. You go on your lunch break. As you exit through the tower basement, you hear a strange humming noise. What is it? A brief investigation leads you into the old ‘equipment room’, essentially the tower’s junk yard for old radar equipment. You fall through the floor. Ouch! Falling through a floor really hurts! But what do you discover? A strange device which takes you back to the year 1925…

• Travel Through Time as You Control Aircraft
• Watch your airport grow from a grass strip to a major international!
• 60 Different Years to experience
• 3 Different Eras to see, including a Future era
• 40 Different Aircraft